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I think we wear the lies we wish were our realities as our skin; as an impenetrable shield of the inevitable truth…..

We get older.
Things will inevitably change.
Sometimes things don’t go as we planned.
People let us down.
We let others down.
We mess up.
We fall short.

I know it sounds depressing, but maybe we just made it depressing instead of embracing it for the beauty that it is; life in motion.

Things aren’t meant to be perfect.
In fact, perfection is a lie.

Imperfection embraced, to me, is true beauty.

There is nothing more beautiful and memorizing than someone that boldly embraces all God created them to be; Flaws and all.

Maybe if we would stop comparing each other and started celebrating our differences, we would find each of us is a reflection of the Divine.

Our lives weren’t meant to only last our lifetime. Our lives were meant to spread as waves we ripple with the brilliance we release through the gifts we bestow.



I have a tendency to get lost.

Lost in thought.
Lost in what I’m doing.
Lost in eyes.
Lost in watching the way someone can change a room.
Lost in time.
Lost in laughter.
Lost in touch.
Lost in words.

I have a tendency to be found.

Found at the end of where my mind wanders.
Found in the eyes of a beautiful soul that searches me.
Found in a room full of people whom love.
Found when I realize time is just a thing and I can become timeless by how I touch and impact the lives that cross my path.
Found in an inside joke that reminds me I’m loved just as I am – flawed and imperfect – because my imperfections are perfect because they were picked just for me.
Found in fingers intertwined and arms wrapped around and legs tangled.
Found in the words that beat off the tongues of people I run into, friends or strangers, as messages from the Divine.

We all can get lost, but what’s beautiful to me is there is always Someone or something waiting to find all you have to offer.

Just as you are.

Beauty and love.

We aren’t always meant to understand our own beauty.

Sometimes who we are is a gift to someone we won’t ever understand.

Sometimes what we do ripples further than we will ever know.

Sometimes our presence can change a room or someone’s day or someone’s life without us ever knowing.

What’s beautiful to me is the more you find the beauty within yourself, the more you fall in love with who you’re destined to be, the less you see and the more the world is exposed to love in motion.

You’re made with love by the Hands that creates sunsets and ice crystals, beauty and love is the essence of who you are.

It’s ok if you don’t understand why you are loved.
It’s ok if you don’t see the beauty others see.

Some of the most beautiful things in life are meant to be left as a mystery.

That is why love and faith and hope are the hardest things to define but the most potent things we ever experience.

Beauty is in embracing the authenticity and rareness you are.

Nothing and no one will ever be who you were created to be.

Without you, the world will miss the beauty and love only you can spread into this world – I pray you choose to grab it and run and never look back.


The greatest of loves I’ve ever known has come from the most unpredictable people and places.

Shakespeare said that expectation is killer of all relationships.

I’ve known this to be true because I have suffocated loves because I couldn’t see how that person was loving me and instead assumed how they should love me best.
I believe we do the same thing with beauty.

I read this quote from Holley Gerth this AM, “We live in a world that tries to define beauty. But I don’t believe beauty is meant to be defined. Instead it’s meant to be found.”

I think that love and beauty are two in the same; it’s never meant to be defined but instead found.

It is the thing we see in ourselves and in the way our eyes see the world.

The reality is…..

I love others the way I love myself.
I see beauty the way I think I’m beautiful.
I believe in miracles the way I realize I myself am a miracle.

We are each individually pieced together miracles of divine love and beauty. Hand crafted by the Only One that can begin to help us understand love and to see the romance of the beauty that surrounds us.

It leaves me awe struck knowing that every set of eyes, every heart, and every soul will always see the “same things” differently.

How I see the sunset will never be how you see the sunset.

How I see you, you more than likely cannot see.

When they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is true, because only you can decide to see beauty where others might never even imagine it.

We need your eyes.
We need your heart.
Because if we can begin to receive that gift from each other, our vision can change as a whole.

We can begin to see love, beauty, and most importantly, each other the way God intended – Perfectly designed drops of His love and beauty.

Perhaps then we would stop seeing people as stereotypes to meet our expectations and start seeing authentic souls for the beautiful miracles they are.


Acceptance is the key to being truly free.

I wish we could have coffee and I could tell you how beautiful and loved you are.

Right here.

Right now.

No conditions.

No contract.

As is.

Just as you are.

Messy. Flawed. Lost. Wandering. Confused. Seeking. Craving.

My worry isn’t that you question things or that you long for so much more. The worry is when we no longer find ourselves looking for the things we desire and then accept mediocrity.

I would tell you to chase and run and seek and search for all of your days. Never stop. Not even when you think you found it; Because this world is limitless and infinity lives inside you.

This life was meant to be lived on fire and if you aren’t doing that, you are missing out on the marvelous gift that life is.

Screw it up.

In fact fuck things up. Sometimes that’s the only way we find out what we want.

Stumble over your words so you can learn what you want to say and that it will mean something.

Trip over your thoughts so you won’t be confused about what the world tells you and you’ll know with conviction what you want.

Say the wrong thing so when you get it right your heart can smile and know peace.

Just live your life on fire and I promise, no matter how ugly it seems, it is going to be accepted and absolutely beautiful for those who matter.

Love Sets Us Free.

Every person is brought to us as a miracle.

Whether if that relationship was conversation at a bar or coffee shop with a stranger you may never see again, or if it is a soul connection with a friend or loved one, it is a gift of the divine to move us closer to love.

You see, in every relationship, if that person wasn’t the one – the best friend, the lover, or the soul mate – it was preparation for what God has for you.

Sometimes, true loves can be separated by people or things or time.

I do believe that what is meant for us, God will always reveal. It is said that when two souls are meant to meet, nothing can prevent that interaction.

Our greater purpose is to love one in another in such a way that it sets us free.

Only true love, that which has no expectations and offers only acceptance, breaks down our pain and opens the light in our hearts so it can be exposed on others to give the same freedom it gave us.

This is so we can be better equipped to be used in the world.

It’s not about our own comforts, it’s about embracing what God throws at us so we can comfort others and help them reach their own potential as well.

Only by truly loving someone as they are, not as we want them to be, and by loving what they want for themselves, no matter how difficult that is for us, is the only way we can set them free.

That freedom could take years, a week, or decades.

I was once told our task isn’t always in being at someone’s side. Sometimes are greatest task is preparing and loving someone through prayer as we walk away to set them free.

It is the only way they can come to know the closest version of unconditional love a human can give.

I pray, with all I am, my words, my breath, my thoughts, and my fingers leave nothing less as my signature on this world.

Equality is in Our Vision.

Equality is a choice of vision.

We aren’t born equal.

It’s fair to say some people are born with more things than others. However, just the same, an individual might have more things but the other might have more love in their life.

Regardless, equality doesn’t just happen.

Equality is a choice.
It’s an attitude of how I choose to approach, view, value, and speak to my fellow man.

To take what the world has told us and turn it against the paradigm that has prevented us from a community based off of love.

Why should I believe that hate and judgement solves anything?

If you keep doing what you have always done, you keep getting the same results.

Show me where hatred fixed things.
Show me where judgement liberated.
Show me where oppression fueled growth.

Equality is in my vision.

The reality is, we could tally up things we own or loved ones and someone, according to materials, is greater or lesser than we are.

True equality can only begin when I choose to see everyone as equal.

If I see them by what they hold in their hands, I will compare and contrast their lot from my own. However, if I begin to look at what they hold in their hearts, I see them as a Soul, a Spirit, and a gift to this world.

If I want equality, I need to choose to start looking at people as equal. Not just by what they can or can’t offer me, but by seeng them as the being perfectly flawed as they are.

If we want change, it must start with ourselves.

I once read that loving someone means the first moment they reveal to you who they are, you love whatever that’s a in that person. Trying to change them means we only love the reflection we see of ourselves in them.

Release the stereotypes you currently see and I promise you’ll be begin to see beauty and love surrounds you.