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June 21, 2012

“God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage.”
~Bulgarian Proverb

The bible is filled with promises- at least 7,000. Though there are 7,000 we have only encountered a fragment of them in our lives.

We can only experience them through conflict, trials, and hardships. The things that open our eyes and tear open our souls to the beauty and love He holds.

What our eyes and hearts have seen have been based on our walk, on our experiences, and on our trials. The ugly beautiful that we don’t always understand. The things that have forced us to lean…

Lean closer to the word.
Lean closer to His presence.
Lean closer to His love.
Lean not on our own understanding.

All this leaning.
All this enduring.
It gives us hope.
It builds our faith.

Faith can only increase with trust. What has been given to us, we might not ever understand on this side of heaven. But take heart, it’s been given to you because He has trusted you with it. No one else has the eyes and heart to be given what He has entrusted you with.

His promises can be trusted.
When we trust, our faith increases.
When our faith increases, the size of our God increases.

God has never put a limit on our faith.
Our faith has put a limit on God.


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