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Closer to Love.

June 25, 2012

In the midst of darkness, in the suffocating black cloud of the unknown, it’s easy to bow our heads in defeat. When we look down, we drown in our circumstances. We are pulled into the sea of our emotions.

Fear. Worry. Anxiety. Pain.
Self worth.
We start to question and doubt if there is any hope.

When we doubt…..
Our eyes are cloudy.
Our hearts are unsure.
Our minds wander.
We dabble in the middle ground of uncertainty.

Satan has blurred our vision in the conflict of our flesh and our Spirit. In the haze of confusion, the what if’s, and the I don’t know’s, satan veils the eyes of our heart and tries to bury us in our circumstances and emotions so that we would forget the loving promises of God.

Bowing our heads in the middle of our storms is the physical state in between two very important soul saving choices we can make.
We can either 1) look up or 2) drop down.

In option one, we choose to look up towards heaven with hope we will be delivered. That this storm will pass. In option two, we choose to drop down on our knees in prayer. Desperate to learn of His unshakable love.

When we choose one of these options, we remove ourselves from the in between of darkness, and instead, we draw closer to Love.

As you draw closer to His love, you will learn that the characteristics of darkness are not of Him. He has never asked nor wanted you to dabble in mediocrity. You are loved beyond comprehension. You were created for so much more than the burdens and pains you have experienced.

When you’re stuck in the middle, look up or drop down to The Light in the darkness-our North Star.

Remember, you aren’t defined by your circumstances or your emotions. Your burdens, fears, pains and worries, are just the surface of you. Your outer shell. They aren’t WHO you are, they are WHAT you experience.

You are defined by the Lover of your soul. Who you are is a child of God. No emotion, circumstance or experience can ever take that from you. So hold tight to His love because it will never leave or forsake you.


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