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Equipped to Survive.

June 27, 2012

“What is the price of five sparrows—two copper coins? Yet God does not forget a single one of them.
~Luke 12:6

This past Sunday, sitting on my front porch with a friend, we watched the robins search for worms. Peck after peck. It blew my mind that there is all this land, all this soil, and yet they know exactly how and where to find worms. God gifted them to live and survive in this world.

Luke says that 5 sparrows are worth 2 coins. To us, it doesn’t sound like much value. But that’s not the point. God sees them so worthy, so beautiful, and such a precious gift that He always supplies them with what they need. Always.

In my life, I have had experiences that have shaken me to the core. Things that have sent an avalanche of fear into the center of my world. Things that have left my soul bare naked, raw and exposed to this world.

I’ve had my heart broken.
I’ve been left out of nowhere.
I’ve been denied the promotion I thought I deserved.
I’ve lost my job.
I’ve been doubted.
I’ve been questioned.
I’ve had my plans fall apart.
I’ve had promises given to me torn away.
I’ve been told insincere promises.
I’ve had devastating injuries.
I’ve had everything I know stripped away from me.

My faith has been tested in more ways than I could describe.

Before I knew Christ, I thought life was a path of karma. Of endless forks in the road, choices, that took us down one path or another. After each choice, we were lead to another choice, and so forth.

Truthfully, looking back, I had no hope. I believed things would get better. I knew they would. But until I knew my Savior, my hope was superficial. I had nothing to lean on. No rock. No promises. No truth. My hope was on the dependency of my own strength. Coming to Him, I have found where I am weak, I don’t have to be strong. His strength and love covers and fills all my weaknesses.

This world might let me down. In fact, I can promise it will. I’ll be told I’m loved when I’m not. I’ll be told promises that never come true. I’ll be scorned. I’ll be doubted and questioned.

And so will you.

God doesn’t promise there won’t be trials. He doesn’t promise it won’t hurt. But He does promise all those pains, all those plans that went wrong, all our missed calculations in life have a purpose. If we don’t see the purpose now, we have His love and strength to lean on. To heal us. He will equip us to survive and give us hope in the darkness of our suffering.

He calls us children. His children. Our value is far beyond that of a sparrow and they are equipped to survive. So how much more equipped are we to survive?

No matter your situation or circumstance, hold tight to your faith and His promises, because He uses these moments to reveal just how well equipped you are to survive and just how relentlessly He loves you.


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