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Perfectly Flawed.

June 29, 2012

The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. -Anonymous

You don’t have to come to the cross when you’re perfect. I believe there is a common misconception that in order to be saved, to be loved, we must have all our ducks in a row.

Let me encourage your heart. Christ endured the Cross to set us free from the heavy chains of perfection. He beckons you, whispers I love you into your ear, right where you are.

Our failures.
Our imperfections.
Our flaws.
Our sins.
All of our falling short.

I know many times I only remember my wrongs. That’s what Satan wants. For us to lose sight of where we have come from. To forget all those failures are covered. To forget how much Christ has changed us. He tricks us into only remembering the things that are of our old nature so that we can’t thrive in the new creation Christ has made us.

Christ doesn’t count your records of wrongs. He covers them.

He doesn’t demand you to change everything. He changed it all for you on the Cross.

He doesn’t say you have to be stronger. He says I am all the strength you need.

He doesn’t tell you to keep fighting the fight of perfection. He says stop fighting the fight I already won.

I don’t know your struggles, but we all have that sin we just can’t shake. It might not be visible, but everyone is fighting a battle.

When we try to fight the fight by ourselves, we are swimming against the current.

It’s heavy.
It’s draining.
It’s physically exhausting.
It’s emotionally exhausting.

You will never be perfect on this side of heaven. You won’t get it all right. Somedays you might even get it all wrong. But every day you are offered small graces and mercies. Not the old ones you had a month ago. New ones. They aren’t old or tattered. They don’t cover portions, they cover it all.

Lean on His grace.
Lean on His mercy.
Lean on His forgiveness.

If you fell short today, He offers you grace, mercy and forgiveness with an unimaginable love. To pick you up, brush you off, and give you another chance.

We are loved by a God of second chances. He uses your failures and weakness to reveal a Himself to you.

There are no perfect people.
Only a perfect God.
And He won’t ever give up on you.
So don’t give up on yourself.


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