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Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone.

July 4, 2012

We become what we repeatedly do. ~Sean Covey

Life is a series repetitious moments. We are creatures of habit. If you examine your day, what are the things you always do? What are the things you have to do to feel human?

The time we wake up.
The things we do to get ready.
What we eat.
How we spend our free time.
How we invest our thoughts.

All of it is out of habit. We hardly ever do things that are out of our comfort zone. If we do, we feel thrown off. We don’t feel like ourselves. But I have learned, sometimes we need to wander. Sometimes we need to take that chance. Some of our most fulfilling moments in life is when we step out in faith.

Take a chance with a new job.
Take a chance with a new relationship.
Take a chance with a stranger.
Take a chance by moving across the country.
Take a chance by walking away from everything we know.

When we step out in faith, the chances we take can be some of our biggest rewards.

If we fix our eyes and hearts on the cross, our wandering can have a purpose. I find I’m a wonderer and a wanderer. This can be helpful or detrimental. If I entertain things not of Christ, I find my wandering is dark and scary. If I ponder things not of the Cross, I find myself lost. But I have also learned that all that wander aren’t necessarily lost.

A series of events have taken place in my life that have removed me entirely from my every day comforts. If I’m honest, I fought them. I’m a firm believer that I am an entirely oxymoron.

I’m the most motivated lazy person.
I’m the most focused ADD human ever.
I’m the most introverted extrovert.
I can judge hard but I can love even harder.
I can be bitter but I can forgive what seems to be unforgivable.
I’m the most impatient patient person.
I’m the biggest dreamer, but struggle with making a plan around my dreams.

It is so much easier to be who we were yesterday. But God promises once we come to Christ, our old nature is gone. We are made new. Every day He renews us. He gifts us with a new day. A new opportunity to change. To be changed. Though all that change is really scary, there is comfort in knowing Jesus never leaves our side. When we surrender what we know, when we let ourselves be vulnerable for just a moment, He takes our hand and guides us. He works in our hearts and changes us in ways we never thought could be possible.

As creatures of habit, we hate change. Change shakes our worlds and flips us upside down and inside out.

Truth is, our lives begin at the end of comfort zones.

If we are what we repeatedly do, what do your actions and words say about who you are today?

This life is a beautiful adventure.
Filled with wonder.
Filled with moments to wander.
Filled with new ways to find our God given purpose.
Filled with countless ways to see, feel, and experience God.

I don’t know about you, but I want that. All of that. I long for it.

I want to see God in new ways.
I want to experience His love on a new level.
I want to encounter things that test my faith and bring me closer to the Cross.
I want to face my fears boldly and come out a conqueror.
I want to experience the strength of God in my weakest moments.
I want to dream so big that it scares me.
Every day I want my heart open and exposed to experience this life in a new way.

I don’t just want to live this life. I want to live this life well.

I once heard a quote that said, “Life isn’t about the length, it’s about the depth.”

Our lives should be so rich and deep that we could drowned in the happiness and love that surrounds us.


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