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Get Better. Not Bitter.

July 5, 2012

Another person dies in bitter poverty,
never having tasted the good life.
~Job 21:25

Our circumstances can make us bitter or they can make us better.

If we remember, not a single card dealt to us is ever given to harm us, we can change our perspective. God never gives us more than we can handle. He never gives us anything that won’t better us. He doesn’t allow things to happen just because.

If we begin to embrace instead of reject our circumstances, we can begin to see all that happens to as an opportunity.

An opportunity to grow our faith.
An opportunity to enhance our hope.
An opportunity to rely on the unfathomable strength God is waiting to give us.

Living life well means taking advantage of the hand we are dealt. Looking for light in darkness. Seeing everything as a gift from above. Because that’s what an amazing God does. He gives gifts. We just tend to miss them because we see them as just the opposite of a gift.

Bitterness steals joy. It robs us from the good life God has promised us.

Choose to always look for the beautiful in the ugly. If you change how you see things, God will reveal to you that what seems to be a disaster is actually a gift.

When you start to look for beauty in the breakdown, you will find you’re surrounded by countless gifts. You will see the good life God has been building around you this entire time.


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