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Fireflies Flash.

July 6, 2012

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature.
~Joseph Campbell

Three days ago, I read a blog from a woman who just turned 31 on the 4th of July. She put together a manifestation of living life well. For every year of her life, there was a quote or statement in which she chooses to live. (I recommend checking it out. Here’s the website: )

She called it “31 ways to live life on your own terms”. Reading it set a fire down in my chest. I have taken it as a challenge every morning for the next 31 days to take one of the rules and implementing it into my day. I pray on it. I ask God to reveal to me how I can change my life so I can live this life as He loves. With a burning fire that stretches from my conception, to where I stand today and into eternity. To be a wildfire of His love that consumes any soul that crosses my path.

Psalm 139:14 tells us the we were fearfully and wonderfully made. But the key component to this verse is the lines that come prior to the statement of how we were made; “I will praise you, Lord.”

Why is this important? Its important because focusing on the later focuses on us. If we only focus on how we are made we miss the point. We were fearfully and wonderfully made for one purpose: to bring glory and praise to the Creator.

How we are made is God’s gift to us. What we do with it is our gift back to Him.

I have found myself in a wildfire of His love. I have been consumed with this desperate desire and need to touch or be touched by something beautiful. Anything. To get my hands on all that is possible in this life. And it has drawn me to this conclusion: I want to live this life like a firefly.

A firefly? Jen, you really are that weird. (I am but it’s with a purpose)

Here’s my point. We are all fireworks in a sense (Katy Perry wasn’t lying), but fireworks don’t last. They’re all for show.

Big booms.
Bright explosions.
Oh’s and ah’s that last only a moment.
They’re for show and for celebratory purposes.

Though fireworks are awesome, they only take place a few nights a year. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! I want to grab a hold of that promise and run to aching souls. To me, that sounds like a challenge to be more than a onetime explosion show.

That is why fireflies are so different.

They flash all night.
They flash all summer long.
They flash consistently.
They are the light of hope in darkness.
They are the quiet voice of Love all throughout the night.

Did you know that every firefly has a different set of rhythms of flashes? No two the same. And get this, their flashes are designed to attract another firefly. That’s how our lives were meant to be lived.

Flashes of love and life in the darkest of nights.
Flashes that attract another soul to us.
Flashes that don’t send quick booms but deliver long sighs.
Flashes that are a consistent flow of beauty.
Flashes that echo Oh’s and Ah’s from our childhood catching fireflies in a mason jar, to watching them dance around a campfire with those that we no longer consider friends but family.

We weren’t meant to be a onetime firework show. We were meant to flash into darkness at every opportunity we get.

I don’t want my life to be a fire that quickly burns up because I only have big logs and have no fuel.

I don’t want my life to be a small fire that is contained and can be easily extinguished.

I want to be a blazing fire. That cannot be contained. That engulfs anything I encounter with a loving presence. That burns fierce, but burns slow. With embers deep in my soul that can’t ever be put out.

I want my life to be like a firefly. Flashes of love in the darkness of the world.


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