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July 7, 2012

“Gifts have ribbons, not strings.” -Vanna Bonta

Listening to a worship music today, I heard a song for the first time and it truly convicted me. It opened my eyes to see all that I have and questioned what my hearts response would be if it was taken away in a moment.

Here are the lyrics that stopped me in my tracks…..

“If You take it all. If You were to take everything away from me. Would I still lift my hands in worship?”

If everything were to be taken from you, would you be angry towards God or would you turn to Him in thanksgiving instead? That’s an important question because your answer brings to the forefront how your heart and life are aligned with God.

Your answer shows first how you view things in your life. Are they gifts from God or are they YOUR possessions? Second, it answers if you cling to Him, the only thing that will never leave or forsake you or do you cling to things that can be taken to you at any given moment?

Luke 12:34 says, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” This verse helps us to take a look at our lives and reveals to us a multitude of things.

It reveals where your priorities are. Who are you investing your heart into? Where are you investing your time? What activities take up your spare time? Where are you spending your money?

I’ve once read that if you were to take a look at your bank account, it would reveal to you were your priorities are, and more scary, would show where your heart is. Beyond showing where your priorities are or where your heart is, look deeper into those things and it also reflects where you invest your time.

I want you to consider something and it isn’t something easy to swallow.
However, I assure you that if you can change your eyes to view things as a gift, instead of a right you have or an expectation, your heart will be opened to a new found joy and transcending freedom. So here’s the hard to swallow…..

Nothing you have is because of your ability alone. It’s a gift from God. And none of it is owed to you, it was given out of love and trust.

Now, before you get defensive, let me break this down.

Your talents are a gift.
Your ability to work is a gift.
Your motivation to work is a gift.
Your education is a gift.
To even have a job is a gift.

Following me now? I am by no means saying you haven’t worked hard for what you have. To survive in this world that’s what you have to do. But that’s the catch 22, a gift isn’t a gift if we only receive. Gifts were meant to continuously be given away. A gift clenched tight in our hands isn’t a gift at all. It only becomes a gift when we can let it go.

Let me bring this back full circle….

If everything is a gift from God and our treasure is where our heart is, then what would happen if we invested our hearts into God, instead possessions?

If we invest our hearts into God, possessions aren’t devalued, they GAIN value. Why? Because the value isn’t in the price or the material item it is, the value is the Love behind the gift given.

When we start to see everything given to us with love from God, it makes it much easier to give them away or have them taken away because the worth isn’t in what it is. The worth and value is in the love that is given behind it.


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