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Run Wild.

July 10, 2012

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As children, we have been told no, don’t touch that, put that down and get that out of your mouth more times than we can count (or maybe that was just me). Our parents have tried to protect us from what they knew would be bad news bears for us. Because that’s what love does, it protects.

Though love protects, it also prepares. Through their own experiences, our parents, teachers and mentors try to teach us lessons. All of this is to prepare us for our future. To help us reach the potential they see in us. That’s what good parents do. That’s what good leaders do. And that’s what our Heavenly Father does. Prepares us with love.

There is a hard balance between too much restriction and too much freedom. To much restriction, though done a majority of the time with good intentions, has many negative facets as well.

It can suffocate.
It can cause rebellion.
It can create bitterness and anger.
It can shelter from life experiences.

On the contrary, too much freedom can expose your life to a whole mess of things you really don’t want to dabble in. Without restrictions, we have nothing to hold us back and protect us from the unknown.

I was the child that needed a kid leash. I wanted to get my hands on everything I could. I wanted to explore all the things I didn’t know. I wanted to touch any and everything that was shiny and caught my eye. I got lost. A lot. I have always been a wanderer. This is why I needed a leash then and still do now.

The leash allowed me to be myself, but it gave me restrictions. I had the freedom to wanderlust but I also wasn’t able to get out of my parents reach.

I believe it’s important to live your life to the best of your ability right where you are today. There should never be a day that passes that you didn’t seize an opportunity. If God gives you a green light or an open door, I say run. Full speed. Until He gives you a red light or shuts the door. Until He locks your kid leash, run frantic like there is no end to your leash.

You see, true freedom isn’t in not having restriction or barriers. Real freedom is in knowing that you aren’t out of Gods reach so you can take the risks and opportunities to fill your hearts biggest dreams and desires.

The truest form of freedom is found in chasing God sized dreams in your heart. Taking risks because you know at the end of the day, a risk not taken, is an opportunity missed. If God never lets you out of His hands, what is holding you back from experiencing everything life has to offer?

I think this world has things backwards. We have been trained to think we need to chase after success. We need to chase after blessings. We need to chase after gifts. Then we will see God.

I know with all my heart it’s the opposite. If you chase God, the gifts and blessings will be so abundant, you will have no choice but to see this life in a new realm. In the way He intended it. And that is true success.

Freedom, as God intended, is knowing you can chase your God sized dreams.
Knowing you can take risks pursuing the passions He placed in your heart.
Knowing you can seize every open door and green light because in the end His hand is in it all.
Knowing with confident hope, His hand is on you.
Knowing that even if you fail, you are covered by His love.
This freedom is beyond liberating.

Sometimes we will run the wrong way. We will think the light was green when it was red. Or we will try to scoot through a yellow light before it turns red. The important thing to remember is sometimes we don’t need to be reminded of what we are getting wrong, we just need to be loved.

Love can be the biggest encourager and motivator of change. Love covers all sins. Jesus proves that by not letting the nails hold Him to the cross, but by having His love for us hold Him there.

When it comes down to it, the only thing that will outlast, out live, and always remain is love. And love is what holds our leash. So run. Run wildly with love and passion.


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