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Work in Progress.

July 19, 2012

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. (Philippians 1:6 NLT)

We live in a country and culture that has a do it yourself and fix itself mentality. If we are honest and truly take a step back to look at our lives, there are many things we need to change. We have gotten a lot of things wrong. And we know it, that is why we have goals we want to achieve. We have things we want to accomplish. Because these things cover and mask the things we don’t want the world to see. The things that make us uncomfortable sitting by ourselves.

We cover our imperfections by pretending our lives are in complete order.
We say we are ok when we are the furthest thing from it.
We add to our to do list to keep us busy so we don’t have to feel.
We mask our struggles so we don’t look weak.
We hide our feelings out of fear of being exposed.
We keep the things on our hearts to ourselves because letting our walls down means admitting we need help.

On the same token, we are very quick to point out another’s faults before recognizing our own. It’s much easier to point out someone else’s faults because we don’t want to be wrong. It makes us feel better about ourselves to see how others are falling short. It’s easier to judge than to love.

Truth is, no one is nor ever will be perfect. That is why we need a Savior. Because we can’t help ourselves. We can’t fix ourselves.

If we look at ourselves instead of looking to the cross, our value diminishes because we see our faults instead of our gifts.

I have found my world has been turned upside down. I have had my faults exposed. I have had my failures revealed. I have had my imperfections put under a microscope. So, in my human nature, I have sought out to fix myself.

I started chasing worldly things to cover where I fall short. I started to work towards things that would make me look valuable on paper. Instead of recognizing that my value is in Whose I am, I have tried to make my value increase to a world that looks for all my faults before considering my gifts.

All this chasing did was make me run in circles. It has put myself into an emotional and mental cycle that has left my feeling defeated. It has made me feel like I’m swimming upstream and fighting a battle I won’t ever win.

I read a devotional that made me realize that we need to stop labeling people and ourselves by their faults. It’s the 80/20 rule. If 100 things have been said to us, and 80 were positive and 20 were negative, we remember the 20 instead of the other 80.

This is so true for my life, especially the last month. I have taken my imperfections and focused my attention on making them perfect. This is why I have felt like I was swimming upstream. This is why I felt so defeated. Because we carry our failures and imperfections like we do our burdens.

God never intended for us to carry all that weight.

Christ came to nail every thing we have gotten wrong, every fault, every failure and every imperfection to the cross. He came so I didn’t have to take on this world by myself. He came so that I could be assured that if I fix my eyes on Him, He will do what I can’t do-fix me.

Truth is, I won’t win this battle if I keep trying to fight by myself. I’m not strong enough. But if I can recognize my weaknesses, I can assured by Gods promise in 2 Corinthians 12 that where I am weak, I am strong for the power of Christ is revealed through my weaknesses.

It has taken me 28 years to gather all my wrongs, all my faults, all my imperfections. All of our lives we accumulate all these heavy burdens and faults. So how can we assume that they can be gone faster than they came?

Knowing I am a work in progress gives me hope. Knowing Christ isn’t done with me yet, allows me to refocus my attention on what matters.

When I focus on His unfailing love that is powerful beyond measure, my eyes look outward with hope instead inward with defeat.


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