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PS I love You.

July 21, 2012

The longing is right in my throat as I pray to see Your face. I know I am never abandoned nor forsaken; So I wait patiently in the craving to fall deeply in love, to have my breath slapped out of my chest by the reverent awe of all that You are, and swear the extent of the butterflies I have from excitement is enough to send me homeward bound.

I long for soul and heart picture taking moments. Where time slows, love blossoms, and in the divinity of it all, You are exposed. And in that moment, the realness of serenity seeps into my skin, the realness of things only in Heaven. That break us down to where our soul cries, our knees bend and we bow in utter admiration of the poem of life You offer us in the daily small graces.

The sonnet of Your unfailing love. Us, somehow the prize, You woo us with sunsets, God-sized dreams, hearts expanded further than our comprehension. A bazillion and one things in the one picture taking moment that stamps the heart, pierces the soul and reminds us that though we long to be in Your House for all of our days, for all of eternity, You offer glimpses of that hope in laughter of child, eyes of the one whose soul is intertwined in yours, and the sighs of relief when You surface the promises You hold with tags and our names are on them. It’s the small every day whispers of the sticky notes You give that say, “PS I love you”, in the unexpected. And You tuck them in our back pockets an in our hearts to carry us until the day a You return or call us home.


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