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July 27, 2012

We also have joy with our troubles, because we know that these troubles produce patience.
~Romans 5:3

Life begins where we surrender ourselves.

Where we surrender chasing things of this world and instead chase the Unseen.
Where we surrender our to do lists and start giving all of ourselves to the moment.
Where we surrender our view of ourselves and accept Gods.
Where we surrender our troubles to Him knowing He is the only one that can fix and heal.

In our world, we are surrounded with negativity. Minds that want to find the bad. Minds that want to dwell in misery. Truth is, it’s easier to point fingers and blame in our troubles. It is easier to be unhappy than it is to be happy. It’s easier to be impatient and demand immediate change than it is to endure with faith.

If we are honest, it’s easier to find all the wrongs in our lives than the rights. But in all the ugly, all the bad that happens to us, there is beauty. It’s a discipline to find beauty in the breakdown. We must take our eyes off of our circumstances and fix them on the Cross. We must not let our emotions, that so easily waver, control the infinite joy promised to us in Jesus Christ.

Surrender isn’t just sacrifice of ourselves to the Lord, it is also letting go of the habitual way we think and react to our circumstances.

Surrender is a sacrifice of everything the world tells us makes sense.

To worry.
To fear.
To count our mishaps.
To count our failures.

None of the above defines us, they are tools to change us. We need to stop looking back on what went wrong. We need to stop looking to the future as our release of our current situations. And we must focus on who they made us become today.

God gave us our hardships so that we would learn to surrender what we know and understand. He gives them to us so we can be uncomfortable enough to change and take a risk.

Our troubles weren’t given to us so that we could handle them in our own strength. They’re given to us so we can step out in faith to trust Him and to take Him at His word. They’re given to us so we can learn through our circumstances what true freedom is.

The freedom that is offered when we stop relying on ourselves and start to rely on the only One that can handle all of the worlds transgressions.

Christ’s hands were punctured so He could hold all the worlds sins, burdens, hurts, worries, pains, and fears in the holes in His hands. He wears these holes with love so that we could be made whole.


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