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Everlasting Love.

August 6, 2012

Quotes. Words. Quotes. Movements.

Movements of the mind.
Movements of the heart.
Movements from the deep crevices of our hearts.

My heart. Searching. Longing. All with trying to see. God hands. Not literally His hands, but eye hands. My hands wanting the eyes He has for all my hands touch. Eyes to see in the works of my hands. In the trust of my hands letting go of the grip I strangle out of my own life. That I smother in my own heart.

Brings me back to quotes. Words. Movements. Like breezes slipping in and out, up and down, and around the dark valleys of my soul.

“Love is not blind; it simply enables one to see things others fail to see.”

God hands. God eyes. Eyes to see. To see His love. To touch His love. To give His love away through our eyes, through our touches through our words. Movements. Quotes. Like music our souls have longed to hear, longed to express.

All these words in motion. Planted as seeds. Harvested by His intimacy in the moments I sometimes find it hard to sit by myself and wait for His whisper. For the pulse. For the breath taking uproar of love that flows through my chest like a stampede. Tumbling through my chest tumbling into my soul like wet shoes rumble through the dryer.

I find these days, His motion, His movement, His whispers, His words- He pierces through my soul beckoning me to trust.

Trust His character.
Trust His word.
Trust His truth.
Trust His promises.
Trust in the love He gives.
Trust in knowing I am accepted.
Trust in knowing I am forgiven.
Trust in Him no matter the circumstance and situation.

Trust. Trust. Trust.

Ten hours pass, and violent blows of whispers ring true, put me on me knees, and leave me crying in prayer of words, movements, motion, and more words that tangle and twist. I wrestle to sort through-Is trusting not part of the accepting?

The accepting of His love.
The accepting of His plans.
The accepting of His flawless character.

Must I not fully trust before I completely live and feel in a relationship with the Keeper of the stars freely? Is it not knowing, learning, and believing in His love the first step?

Then to accept it.
To accept the grace.
To accept His love.
Me undeserving.
Him more than willing.
To die for my freedom.

His love longing to prove wrong all the lies planted in my heart by the world. By all the darkness that has left me blind all of my life by Satan himself. To let Him uproot and take captive all the worries of this world, of this life I live. To allow Him to plant promises and truths like seeds buried deep down in the darkest valleys of my soul.

Down into unshakeable faith.
Sown into complete trust and hope in Him. Much like all we long for here on earth. But we trust people, whose characters can be flawed, promises can be broken, and love can be tainted.

He came to this world to experience the black tip of darkness that has punctured the hearts that were meant to only know a love that is ablaze, burning like the sun.

He came to see it. Taste it. Watch it. He came to the flawed and broken. He came to me, to you, and came to open a floodgate of truths that reflect all of life and all of Him.

The beauty in the breakdown that exposes all our hearts long for, His everlasting love.


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