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5,000 Choices.

August 9, 2012

Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you.

Every sin is weighed even and not because we have the right measuring system. The only reason they can be seen the same through Gods eyes is because of the cross. Only because of what Christ endured are we all judged the same.

Murder, premarital sex, drinking, swearing, stealing, idolatry, gossip, gluttony, cheating, pride, selfishness, lying, greed. This is just a small handful of sins. There are so many more that we commit daily, and we don’t even recognize them.

Lack of faith.
Lack of surrender.
Lack of trust in God.
Lack of belief in His Word.
Trying to do everything on our own.

What about how we see ourselves? Disregarding our worth and our gifts is just as much of a sin as murder.

Well how can that be? Because anything that is not of God is against God. Hard to digest huh?

Freedom comes in recognizing we are born of sin and in recognizing that because we are born of the flesh, we can’t help ourselves. That is why as children we are little heathens that dance with sin and flirt with what we know we shouldn’t do.

The desire to sin doesn’t change as we get older, we might not commit the same sins, but we all still sin. The difference is as adults we just find ways to cover our sin or hide it. But that’s like spraying perfume on a dead animal.

This is why Christ came. To cover and wash our sins- permanently. Not to just spray us for a few hours to make us clean.

He came to wash us clean every day. He came to give us new life every day.
He came to renew and change us every morning to better reflect Him. Freedom is found in chasing Christ, not the world.

You see, every day you make an average of 5,000 choices. From the time we wake up we make choices. Do I hit snooze? What am I going to wear? What am I going to eat? What is on my to do list?

You also choose where you put your heart and frame of mind. Is your immediate thoughts on what the world can offer you today? Or do you look at this day as a gift from God and because it’s a gift, you want to give yourself to the world today?

If we are given 5,000 opportunities to choose, how many times do we pick sin over obedience? How many times do we pick hate over love?

The homeless person begging for money.
The co-worker asking for help.
The person that cut us off on the high way.
The person that got the promotion over us.
The friend that betrayed.

Slow the world around you down and you will see how God is revealing Himself to you every day.

In those moments, He is testing your heart. He is testing your motives. He is testing your character.

Think about it. Our God gave us at least 5,000 choices yesterday, 5,000 the day before, and another 5,000, on average, the day before that. If we are given an average of 5,000 choices every day, I see that has 5,000 opportunities to look at the cross and learn about my God.

In a weeks span that’s that’s 35,000 (on average) opportunities to find God or get lost in the world.

Here’s the truth. In every choice we make, we either move towards hell or we move towards heaven. We either start working for God or we work against Him. Learning our choices in every moment helps us to learn about our God. To find Him in the unexplainable. To know Him when we know nothing else.

I want that. I crave that. I want to find God. I want to know God. Not the God I want Him to be, but the God who is, was, and always will be.


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