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Freedom and Faith Collide.

August 14, 2012

Once you give God your heart, He will always have you.

Regardless of how hard you try to do everything on your own.
No matter how far off you wander from His path.
Even if you run too far in the opposite direction of His love, once He has you, He is never letting go.

He gives us a foundation to stand on. He gives us solid ground to walk on. And He gives us these things so we can experience life as He intended. This is an immeasurable gift given so we can walk in confidence and with purpose without fear of failure. To help us learn just how possible all things are through Him.

Failure turns to success when we are in His hands because all that falls apart in His hands will come back together better and stronger than it was before.

This gives us a whole new realm of freedom. Knowing we are never out of His sight. We are never out of His reach. His hand is always touching us, guiding us, and moving us to His glory.

He gives us the freedom to take a chance in faith to chase the green lights He puts in front of us until He turns them red. The freedom to run through open doors until He closes them knowing He has something better in mind.

That is where freedom in life and a walk in faith collide. When we walk in faith, take risks with love and find Him even more present and alive in our lives because we surrender everything that we know to grip His hands of grace.

It’s the beauty in the breakdown. The breakdown of our walls of fear to find the beauty of love and life abundant He offers.

Chasing His love and finding that the chase showers us with blessings.


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