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Relentless Love.

August 15, 2012

I long to be in love. A relentless love. A love that recklessly abandons all thoughts of the tainted dark love this world has forced us to come to know.

A love that refuses the mediocre.
A love that finds hope and life by the seeds planted in the holes in our hearts we allow Him to uproot. Pulling the thick weeds of selfishness and pride and lust to fill with a love our hearts have always longed for. A love that is everlasting. A love that defies everything the world has ever taught us about love.

A love no longer centered in me, but a love centered on Emmanuel.

With two sets of eyes desperate to see His glory. Desperate to keep fixed on the Cross. Both sets of eyes fixed upon the only race worth running. Flawed. Broken. But these eyes mold into each others souls.

We become the clay and let the Potter mold us into His love. Not because of our perfection but because all He is is perfection.

He perfectly plans, places, and intertwines hearts and souls in movements of words and moments unexplained. Hearts that beat as one into a masterpiece of ugly beautiful. The controlled chaos of a perfect life because He is all that is perfection. And He takes all that is broken.

Broken pieces.
Broken hearts.
Broken lives.
Broken love.
And perfectly places each into His perfectly mysterious puzzle.

This jigsaw configuration is the transfiguring to bring together one picture; His grace filled, love flowing reflection into this ugly beautiful world.

Is not the longing of what can be offered this side of heaven the exact reflection of how I must grow with Him? Savior in me, me, undeserved, somehow in the Savior. In His plan. His love touching the parts I never gave to another soul. The parts I was too scared and ashamed to share.

Eyes to see first.
The eyes that see love in all things.
Eyes that beat like a heart, racing to know all that’s grace and beauty.
Eyes of the soul starved, craving and dying to be nurtured by the only One that can end all hunger and thirst.

But eyes first.

A romantic intervention.
Time stopped.
Love unable to stop, to brake, to slow down. A consuming fire of love all because of what the eyes see. What the eyes feel. Eyes that melt. Things transfigured.

Eyes to see in a kiss felt in the toes.
Eyes to see the love between the a kiss that stops time with their breath.
Eyes that touch, desperately touch, with hands that desperately want to hold something beautiful.
Eyes in the hands, to express everything the love consuming fire in our souls cannot say.
Fingers intertwined, two sets of eyes gaze on the Center, and all of the world becomes love.

A note.
A sticky note with PS I love you.
The eyes in the hands learn to trust, because the eyes in the heart have been blinded by love.
Eyes see, then seek.
Eyes then long and search. Once we touch His glory, we are never the same. So we search for an evidence of heaven on earth.

Search with eyes in the heart that are blind, so eyes in the hand must see, touch, feel, experience and transfigure. Transfigure to be turned inside out of all the ideas of love this world tainted to the real love offered.

In moments galore. Love dancing off eyes, dancing off hands, dancing off sunsets.

Eyes that see love and give love by looking deep down into the soul, to the core, because to see, to encounter all of this means we must trust.

Only when we can trust, can we believe in what we cannot see. Only then can we hope in the unknown. Deep soul quenching longing to see, to love, to accept love, to learn to trust-then we find hope.

Then we believe in what the world told us was a lie because we cannot touch it or see it because when we encounter Him, we touch eternity.

We taste it. The encounter changes our perspective of love and the world immediately. Then we are free of the entanglement Satan tries to blind our hearts with.

Freedom only offered when eyes are fixed upon Him. He becomes the centerpiece of the thanksgiving table of our lives. The Cornerstone. All eyes gazed. All eyes fixed. When we look around the table, we no longer see this world as we once did.

So my eyes become one with my heart and my heart one with my soul and everything I look upon catches fire because all I can see is His fire consuming love that sends my heart pounding.


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