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Embers of Love.

August 17, 2012

I have held onto this life too tight. I have strangled the life out of the moments by holding it with my hands instead of letting go with all my heart.

I have squeezed out every ounce of all the value in the moment by looking back or looking ahead of what was or what could be- instead of being all of me in all of the moments given as gift wrapped presents from the Only One that never changes.

This life was not meant to be for our own use and it was not meant to be so easily disposed. It’s a gift. And a gift can only be a gift when we accept with open hands. As soon as we wrap our selfish and sinful fingers around it, we suffocate it of the delicacy it was meant to be.

Life was meant to be abundant and full. It was meant to be bursting at the seams. Not because my grip is tight, but because my hands are open. And it can’t hold all that the Giver of all things wants to give. With open hands it pours out on all I touch, on all I see, on all I encounter.

He is the fountain of eternal love and life prepared, willing and waiting to give through the bleeding hands and feet a fountain of life eternal and unexpected-and most certainly undeserved-to all of those with open hands and open hearts.

The fire for this life burns from this moment I’m in now into the embers of eternity where I’ll bow down in awe and worship of my First Love. Ablaze. There is nothing that can extinguish the fire He set in my soul.

And I pray I become a wildfire of that love, spreading from soul to soul, the embers that touch eternity, the fire that changes our eyes to see the love He gives, bursting at the seams, of every moment we breathe.


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