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The Beat of His Drum.

August 17, 2012

Surrender isn’t just a one time prayer we throw up. It is a daily effort at letting go and letting God do what we think we can but only He can accomplish.

Do we say thank you for all that is good in our life’s just one time?

Do we only count blessings once and forget them?

Do we only thank God one time for an answered prayer?

When we struggle in hardships, do we only send up one prayer and hope for the best?

Surrender is the same as giving thanks to The Creator. Surrender is the same is dropping to our knees in desperate prayer to the Only One that can perform miracles and make anything that seems impossible possible. It must be done fervently with persistence and hope. First Thessalonians 5:17 says to pray continually in all we do.

In all we do. The persistent beat of this drum of life and drum of love pounds through the moments to give thanks in everything we relinquish into His hands.

Just as we wake up every morning with a list of thank you’s, a list of prayers for our lives and others, we must come to the alter of this life and surrender.

Our day can’t begin with our hands gripped around our lives. Plans can change. Your day can get stirred up. Only when we let go and stop trying to plan for every circumstance that comes our way can we truly live.

If you don’t expect anything doesn’t everything then become a gift? Are not the moments now becoming a gift, a surprise, a love note from God?

Our day can only begin once we surrender it to Him to relinquish His unfathomable power into every moment pulsating His abundance of love.


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