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The Cleansing of Grace.

September 27, 2012

A love note to my Beloved:

It’s pouring rain.
And Sigur Ros is in my ears.
The pounding of the piano keys sends a pounding through my ears to my heart.
All I want to do is run to a place of longing.
A place that satisfies my heart.
A place that soothes my aching soul.

To let the rain wash every worry I carry in my blood.
To wash out the burdens I was never meant to carry through sweat and tears as me feet pound the pavement.
The salt water my body denies from the depths of all I am.

To run.
To not grow weary.
To be washed of all that makes me filthy.
Only to be lead back to the cross.
And dropped to my knees.

To be courted by Your infinite and unfathomable love yet again.
I am undeserved.
I am renewed.

Amazing grace.

In an ocean of grace I drowned.
Puddles splash and soak my weathered shoes.
Soak my weathered skin.
My weathered heart.

As infinite as the raindrops that pound the pavement surrounding my feet, this is the limit on His love and mercy.

More than I could begin to count.
More than I could begin to understand.


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