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Mistaking the Big as Small.

October 10, 2012

We are a goal oriented culture.

We have been told that unless we become famous or a CEO of a company we haven’t succeeded.

We have been told that true maturity is finding a spouse and starting a family.

We have been taught to chase and chase.

I know, for sometime, I only thought I would be successful when I had a good paying job and someone to come home to. I somehow thought that by having those things I would have security.

That life would begin there.

I’d look at those who were engaged or married with awesome jobs and find myself bitter. As if they have reached the ultimate goal.

I somehow warped love and life as a final destination. I convinced myself that once I had those things, life would be easier.

I could start to breathe.
I could start to really pursue my dreams.

Listening to a sermon this weekend, I realized, though goals are important, they can fog our eyes and hearts to what God has put right in front of us.

The reality is, the only destination worth chasing is Heaven.

But what if we have mistaken the things that seem insignificant? What if, in front of us every day, is a slice of heaven?

We confuse the every day miracles as plain and simple. The things we take for granted are the miracles that surround us. The small things that don’t seem so big.

Maybe we have put expectations on God. Expecting miracles to look a certain way, to feel a certain way.

Truth is, God loves the unexpected. He is the God of possible.

So maybe, in His eyes, the goal is so big we mistake it for the small.

But when we find the small, we find heaven on earth.


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