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The Narrow Gate.

October 19, 2012

God said the gate is narrow and the way is hard.

Up until recently, when I have decided to start challenging myself to think outside the box, I took this in terms of what society has told me is “harder”.

Work harder.
Do more things.
Increase your to do list.
Run. Hard. Fast. Don’t stop.

Do I believe a successful person does these things?

Yes. Absolutely.

The thing I have learned, though, is what is harder isn’t necessarily the tangible.

Sometimes working harder means working smarter.

Sometimes doing less is actually doing more.

Sometimes by decreasing our to do list we actually do more.

I have learned its the quality of what I invest into instead the amount of things I invest into.

I have achieved the greatest treasures in my life by chasing and running after God.

I found its harder to lean on my faith than it is to lean on the work my hands will do.

More importantly, it’s harder to trust God than it is to trust myself.

You see, I have found it has been less of what society calls “work” and more of following the Spirit. This is exactly why it is so “hard” and why fear comes to the surface. I find when I run in the direction of my fears I find more of God.

The devil doesn’t want us to find more of God.

He wants us to work harder and aimlessly in ways that don’t come near our fears, which in turn, takes us further from our dreams. He convinces us to work on our own-in our own strength and our own capacity. All this does is limit our potential.

God tells us to work less and follow more. This is where we are strongest, find our purpose, and reach the potential God has for us, which is much greater than anything we could conceive.

Proverbs 3:5 says to lean not on our own understanding.

Leaning on God and following His Spirit is beyond our comprehension, but I promise you, as He has revealed to me….

If you chase God, fear becomes a joke, and the blessings that follow are beyond your comprehension.


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