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Full Hands.

October 23, 2012

If we are unhappy with what we have then we miss the gifts God has given us.

But a gift isn’t always necessarily wrapped with a bow.

Sometimes they’re ugly.
Sometimes they’re beautiful.
Sometimes they’re disguised as struggle or trial.
Sometimes they’re in a heartbreak.
Sometimes they’re right in front of our face every day, yet, we still miss them.

Everything around us is a gift.
Our struggles.
Our blessings.
Our successes.
Our failures.
All must be a gift.
Because God won’t ever give us more than we can handle.

Both good and bad.

For as many times as we wish we had more good things, we never seem to want more bad things.

More money.
More vacations.
More clothes.

We want all of that.
We even ask God for all of that.
But more struggles?

I don’t know anyone that has asked God to make their life harder.

But what if we change the perspective.

Maybe the reason we aren’t given more of the things we want, which we perceive as good, is actually because it would potentially be bad?

In a parable, Jesus tells us how those trusted with a little amount can be trusted with much more.

God has given you all you can handle.

If you find yourself unhappy with what you have, maybe it’s because you can’t be trusted with more.

I have found ambition has sometimes blinded me to the blessings that surround me.

When I look and long for more, with hands already full, how can I hold or have anything else?

Once I stop longing and start trusting, I can see that I am blessed far beyond my comprehension.

That my hands are PLENTY full.
My life is abundant and joyful.

If we start to appreciate everything we have and everything we encounter, we will find a joy that transcends all our understanding.

Stop assuming and demanding more.
Start looking at what you have and you will realize He has given you EXACTLY what you need for today.

In Matthew 6:34 God says why burden yourself with tomorrow’s troubles, today’s are enough.

Why steal your own joy by hoping for more things tomorrow when you have been given everything you need today?

Take God out of the box.
He doesn’t belong there.

He is bigger than you can imagine.
His grace is deeper than any ocean.
His love has depth beyond our understanding.
And He blessed each of us more than we deserve.

Stop counting the things you want and start counting the things you have.
I promise you are richer than you know.


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