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Eyes of Gratitude.

October 25, 2012

How do you start your morning?

Do you first think if all the things you have to do?
Do you think of the things you want or need?
Or do you first look to the Cross and think of all the ways you are blessed?

Where you focus your first thoughts is where you’re investing your heart for the day.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to pray without ceasing.

In a world where to do lists devour our day, and we look to the future instead of the moment we are in, continuous prayer sounds unachievable.

I don’t have time to get on my knees.
I don’t have time to read scripture.
I don’t have time for a bible study.
I don’t have time to write.

Our faith is a muscle and it can only become stronger when we exercise what we learn and use it in our daily life.

Step outside of the box for a moment, and imagine that every word said or action taken was a collaboration of acts of worship to God, we can see that our entire life is prayer.

Pray without ceasing can be attained in all we do.

Not just when we are on our knees, but in how we think, how we act and what we say.

It can be in how we help or encourage others.
It can be in moments we choose love over hate.

All we think, all we say, and all we do is a reflection of praise to God.

Your every day life is a reflection of your hearts condition towards God.

So ask yourself this…
What have you done today to show your love for God?

One if my favorite quotes says that our lives might be the only bible some people read.

So what does your life tell the world about your Savior?

Starting our morning focusing on the reasons we are blessed puts our eyes and heart on the right things.

We can train our minds and hearts to focus on the things above instead of what weighs us down on this side of heaven.

Our hearts, like our faith, must be strengthen and conditioned for the Christian walk.

If we don’t fix our eyes and hearts on things of God, we are easy to slip, trip or falter.

Looking for the reasons we are blessed helps is to first look to God instead of our circumstances.

When we start to look for the good instead of the bad, we exercise our muscles of faith.

This is where we find transcending joy.
This where we find unconditional love.
This is where we find peace.

With hearts thankful, full of joy and full of praise – these are the things worthy of praise.

When we start chasing God instead of this world, it helps us to condition our hearts to love.

As our love grows for Him and this life, He takes over our hearts and strengths our walk in faith.


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