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Where Love Comes Alive.

April 5, 2013

What if God has things in front of us and we just need to take them? What if you could know spiritually what’s yours?

If you knew what He had planned, the joy He had set before you, would it take you as long to reach out for what has already been given? Would you settle for anything less than what sets you on fire?

Some thing’s can’t be explained and can only be felt. They linger in eyes that search and lips that long and in touches that ignite. No words to describe and only feelings to be felt.

What if there is an underlying madness and there is spiritual warfare that separates the greatest of real loves?

Christ said, two are better than one. He told us where there is two of us standing together in His name, He is also there. Imagine the power behind true love in Christ and true love in two souls.

This is where love changes the world. This is where love comes alive and it touches and moves souls. Two of His beloved, loving Him and loving each other. Combined, that love, that relationship, could actually change the world.

Or maybe I’m a hopeless romantic.


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