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March 1, 2013: 5 minutes

April 6, 2013

So I’m going to do this 5 minutes out of hopes I can focus on something other than the struggle in my heart I have felt all day.

I am absolutely astonished of how, we as humans, effect each other and our lives.

Life really is an echo.
What you sow you reap.
What you say and do always seems to come back around.

We can roll the dice, but we never know how they will land. And unless we chase God, and look for His doors opening and His green lights, we can’t know when we hit a red light or a closed door. Because, in the end, we won’t ever feel the freedom of stepping out with a risk to fail into the unknown. Our life is like a free fall. Only if you jump, can you feel the exhilaration of free space and absolute surrender.

We struggle to let go. But the control isn’t where happiness lies. It’s in the release we find freedom.


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