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March 8, 2013: 5 minutes

April 6, 2013

Today, I am remembering that if its a no from God it’s because there is “not now” and “some day” and I’m not entirely sure what that means in my life.

Maybe that’s the point.

In the book I started reading, messy spirituality, it talks about charley brown and how he is approached by his psychologist. His psychologist says that life is like a cruise ship. And we each have a chair. And either we face our chair to the back of the boat and look back at what we left behind. Or we unfold our chair and look at what would be. And charley brown says “what if I’m still trying to figure out how to unfold my chair”.

I think there’s a complex yet simple reality to that. To be so simple that you only see that. Just to grasp the unfolding of the chair. Not to point it a certain direction but to just be able to unfold and sit.

And maybe that’s what life really is about. Unfolding our chair.

Not to put it a certain direction, but to just embrace the life before us. But sometimes things are just that tangled and crazy we can’t even get to that point. So we wrestle with the chair. Because today, that’s our lives. Nothing more and nothin less. It’s just the fumble of the clumsy life we live.


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