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What it means to know grace and mercy

April 8, 2013

Is this what it means to know grace and mercy, becoming aware of our faults and our wrongs?

Awareness of our flaws allows for us to abandon them to find love through forgiveness.

What does it take to stop running away from love?

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” By accepting our failures we come to find perfect love. Only perfect love can forgive what seems to be unforgivable; that’s what makes it so unbelievable. It’s also what makes it so pure and true. Once we are touched with such a love, we are never the same.

Regardless of our wrongs, mercy and grace come from the root of the love plant that blossoms through our souls so that we may know life. These roots are planted deep in our souls, and our nourished by love that comes from eternity – Heavens Hands of love touching our depths.

Seeking forgiveness, not just from Him, but from those we love, is the practice of humility. Humility is planting the seeds of doubt (what we perceive to be true through conditional love), watering them with faith, in order to grow them into hopes and dreams. We must hand over these doubts through prayer, planting and removing the seed in order to grow our faith and trust. When we rely on faith and learn to trust, we come to know the safety and security of the hands of unconditional love.

The state and condition God had intended for our hearts all along.

We won’t find many things that will touch a heart and last a lifetime, but this, this scandalous life of perfect love, moves from our hearts into those around us and travels into eternity.


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