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Your Destiny.

April 15, 2013

We all seem to think that Gods plan and destiny for our lives pertains to our careers and relationships we have built. We seek to find “the purpose of life”.

For the longest time, I believed the same to be true. Until recently, when God opened my heart and my eyes to see the things in my life are just a means to get my attention. This is how He washes us with love every day.

The truth is, God’s plan, from the beginning, has been to make each of us like His Son. This is our destiny.

However, our careers, passions, loves, friendships and relationships are the tools He uses to get us there. Everything you love and everything that is in your life, is a gift used to mold you.

Every defeat.
Every victory.
Every broken relationship.
Every heartache.
Every smile.
Every moment of butterflies.

Everything has a purpose. To shape you into the person He intended for you to be all along-a reflection of His love manifested through your life.

Your weaknesses have as much of a purpose as your strengths. Look in them, and you will find the Author of your story.


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