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5 minutes: April 26, 2013

April 26, 2013

It’s been a minute since I did my 5 minutes.

I have spent a lot of time on social media. Truthfully. It’s made me really uncomfortable.

All my life I have tried to find a balance of humble and ego. I never want wanted to be the person bragging or seeking attention.

I really just wanna share.

I don’t even always know what that means. What realm. Or what’s too much or what isn’t enough.

I’ve learned with all that, how God can help me make decisions. Instead of always just trying to pull the trigger, I try to slow down and feel the moment. Feel the intuitive feeling He places in my heart and gut. To see if they intertwine or I they fight each other. If they fight. Who is screaming and who is whispering?

Darkness has a way of trying to overshadow light. Always trying to cover what’s good.

That’s why bad days seem so bad.
And pain feels so permanent.
That’s what darkness does.
It shouts. It never whispers.

It tries to drown light.

But no matter where the light is, it can be seen. No matter how dark. Light will shine through. Always.

I think we sometimes forget that. We walk with blinders and let it consume us. When, in reality, we should push that threshold and punch it in its face and say, “Not today darkness. You don’t win.”

Cuz that split moment, you generate light.
You make light.
Gods Spirit alive in you sets a fire.
Maybe that’s the only spark you need. For that one moment when you decide to fight, gripping and tearing at whatever you can, to get your hands on all God has for you.

All of eternity is at our fingertips, if we just reach out. He offers us abundance, but we dabble in crap and blah instead of dancing. Even if it means dancing in the mud and rain. Just dance. To the rhythm in your heart because that beat is His love pulsating through your veins.


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