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May 7, 2013

Shakespeare said that the killer of all relationships is expectations.

What we expect God to do for us and how we endure with expectant hope is two different things.

We are given dreams and gifts not to limit us but to use them to glorify a limitless God.

I think our dreams are like our gifts.
Meant to be open.

Once we clench them with our little dirty hands, they can’t breathe. We suffocate them.

A gift can only be a gift when our hands are open.

Open to receive.
Open to give it back away.

Perhaps, this is the same for our dreams.
To let what’s planted in our hearts breathe to grow.

To take the things that set us on fire and live through those passions.

Because here’s the reality you got to do what sets you on fire or the fire will consume you.

Your dreams and gift collide in the fires in your soul. To take your talents and spread them like wild fire. Consuming every person in your path. Helping them see in themselves what God sees and changing from the inside out.

This is our purpose. This is how we let go of what we expect and how God makes the impossible possible.

When we let it breathe, He guides our flames with His love.


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