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Eyes to See.

May 9, 2013

People tell me I’m looking for God in everything. They tell me I dream too much. They tell me I look too deep and think too passionately. I’m told I look too far into all that crosses my path. They say searching for signs or something of Him is crazy.

Isn’t that the point?

If God is the God He says He is, then we can take Him at His word.
There can’t be a single accident in your life. If there was, then God wouldn’t and couldn’t be God.

I use to pray daily to have the eyes to see Him. As the quote goes, “Perhaps it isn’t that we need to change our journey, but change our eyes to see new landscapes.”

If you have been saying you’re looking for God in your life but can’t find Him, maybe you just need to adjust your perspective.

Every moment and every person is one more cobble stone laid down for the path He has for your life. Think about the amount of moments He offers to reveal Himself daily.

The purpose isn’t to understand or know where it’s going or even what it means. Our purpose is to learn to trust He has our best intentions in mind. And that all is a gift of love from His hands.


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