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Labels are for Jars.

May 14, 2013

We want to understand everything.
We want to put a label on it and make it safe.

To jar it up and put it on its shelf to leave it there where it can’t disturb us, challenge our thinking, or touch us deeply.

I believe this is why we struggle to accept Gods love. Because it isn’t just in receiving perfect love that is difficult, but in the receiving we are now more apt to give that love away.

Love like that is reckless.

It doesn’t know gender.
It doesn’t know age.
It doesn’t know skin color.

It just knows the soul.

This is how God loves us.
And this is how He wants us to love each other.

Many people have used religion to describe their faith. I can say there are many people labeled under a religion that their idea of love scares me. It isn’t the love I know from an unconditionally loving God who sees no color or age. Who doesn’t look at what we own, but at who we are.

The God I know doesn’t call Himself a religion but calls us to a relationship. He sees everyone as a gift and all of who they are as His offering to the world; created for someone or something. A higher purpose.

When we put God under one label we make Him for us. We make Him into a God that won’t condemn who we are but condemns those we don’t know or understand.

What right do we have to decide who is allowed to receive love? God never created someone so we could judge and hate them. A God of love doesn’t do that. His love has, was, and always will be offered freely.

Donald Miller said, “It makes me wonder if God created us in His image or if we created Him in ours.”

If we create God through our eyes, we label, remove, oppress and hate.
If we change our eyes to see God for who He is, there is no room for hate or judgement, only love. We see every person that crosses our path as not a means to benefit us, but instead how we can love and need it them.

And this kind of love encourages all souls to be the perfectly flawed individual that they are.


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