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Souls On Fire

October 28, 2013

Every single one of us has a fire burning inside us.

That fire is your soul.

It’s what connects us to each other and to the Divine.

Without it we can’t know God, which opens us up to know our authentic selves, love as He intended, and our purpose.

I fear, not only for your souls sake, but for those souls God intended your fire to ignite in them, that you’ll run away from the light inside of you, instead of dancing with the flames.

I have seen first hand the death of a fierce Spirit on fire because they ran towards comfort and what was easy, instead pursuing the things or someone they loved.

I pray you seek the things that fan your fire into uncontrollable flames.

I pray you choose only those souls that recognize the beauty of your fire.

I pray you put your energies into the passions that spread your gifts like wild fires into a love hungry world.

There’s enough miserable and mediocre people on this planet.

With all I am, I hope you start to feed the fire inside you and find out all God has for you.


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