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Evolution of Love.

November 6, 2013


If we evolve intellectually and physically, which we have, can we too evolve through the soul, to know sex, passion, and love as God intended?

Not based on predetermined marriage nor skin color or gender or comfort or what is easy but instead to send us searching for the one soul who breathes the air needed to fuel the fire in our chest so that we can truly come alive. The soul that reveals The Fathers utmost love and purpose for our lives.

I believe with all I am, this is what authentic love will do for your life.

He declared that where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there also.

Could this not be the most beautiful reflection of His desire to have an all encompassing love with Him? To offer us an individual that compliments us, but also reveals to us how we are loved by God; where strengths and weakness collide and combine in order to best reflect Him.

Combining these souls to compliment one another in order to spread His love as he intended; a forest fire into the world.

Raging with passion and heat, wiping out the existence and understanding of love that we manipulated to fit our comforts.


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