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Love Between Angels.

November 13, 2013

Love between angels.
The marriage of souls through the union of love.

Wanderlust of the skylines.

Laughing with destiny.

For we are of the divine joke.

Love and lust coexist between souls and causes angels to collide.

The dust they create lingers on our lips and fingertips so we can spread the love to the world through our specific work and words.

The nature of sex and the nature of the soul intertwined so we could know Him.

That reflection pouring through the love of all loves He called us to and created us for.

Divine humor to help us know ourselves more, to know love more, to know our Creator more.

Yet, infinitely less.

For the mystery dances in our chests where no one can see except through the way we love.

We know this and experience this for our endless benefit because of His endless love.


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