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We Are Not Lost

November 19, 2013

The reason being lost is so liberating is because you finally allow for your spirit to be exposed and free.

We weren’t meant to be prisoners to our culture.
We weren’t meant to be defined by a standard.

Each individual is a manifestation of love that was thought of and conceived by the Creator of all things.

The same love and power that created sycamores, dreamt of tulips, and fashioned sunsets is the exact same Divine power that thought of every ounce of your being and couldn’t wait to reveal your beauty to the world even before your conception.

His divine fingertips orchestrated your every ounce to be perfectly flawed and beautiful.

Being lost reminds us the loving intention God had all along; to allow for Him to be the only one to proclaim and define who we are.

You’re beautiful not because the world says.
You’re beautiful because the greatest love of all gave precision in your creation.

So before you judge someone else’s Spirit, remember Who gave them that Spirit.
The exact same love and provision He had for you, He has for all of His children.



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