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Perfect Love.

December 11, 2013

Religion taught me actions and behaviors decide if I’m a good person and if I could be saved.

A relationship with God taught me my behaviors mean nothing unless they are driven by Him. Unless I believe His promises, I am no better off than a non-believer.

I once heard worry, anxiety, fear, doubt, and stress don’t reflect our circumstances but reflect our love, belief, and trust in God.

That punched me in the heart.

Every time I doubt what He has told me, I am basically telling Him I don’t believe He is who He says He is. That means, by definition, I’m an atheist.

Our greatest issue isn’t in drinking, sex, who we love, whether we tithe, or swearing like a sailor – all the things religious heads will point out first.

Our greatest problem is we stopped loving and started hating.

We stopped accepting and we started judging.

We stopped letting Him define love and we defined it by the comforts of our own lives.

We stopped trusting Him and started taking matters in our own hands.

We can cover up a lot of things with deeds. Don’t get me wrong, actions prove our faith. However, I’ve learned He looks at our hearts not at what we give.

If you don’t love the homeless man you gave change to, you acted from guilt, not from love.

Faith drives love and love drives our faith.

Our actions stem from what our minds and hearts believe.

If you believe you must give and “love” in order to be good and be saved, you will always carry a burden of guilt towards your fellow man.

If you believe He loves you and it’s the only reason you’re saved, you’ll begin to love your fellow man so they could experience the same trust and freedom you have.

“Perfect love casts out all of our fears.”


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