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Equality is in Our Vision.

January 3, 2014

Equality is a choice of vision.

We aren’t born equal.

It’s fair to say some people are born with more things than others. However, just the same, an individual might have more things but the other might have more love in their life.

Regardless, equality doesn’t just happen.

Equality is a choice.
It’s an attitude of how I choose to approach, view, value, and speak to my fellow man.

To take what the world has told us and turn it against the paradigm that has prevented us from a community based off of love.

Why should I believe that hate and judgement solves anything?

If you keep doing what you have always done, you keep getting the same results.

Show me where hatred fixed things.
Show me where judgement liberated.
Show me where oppression fueled growth.

Equality is in my vision.

The reality is, we could tally up things we own or loved ones and someone, according to materials, is greater or lesser than we are.

True equality can only begin when I choose to see everyone as equal.

If I see them by what they hold in their hands, I will compare and contrast their lot from my own. However, if I begin to look at what they hold in their hearts, I see them as a Soul, a Spirit, and a gift to this world.

If I want equality, I need to choose to start looking at people as equal. Not just by what they can or can’t offer me, but by seeng them as the being perfectly flawed as they are.

If we want change, it must start with ourselves.

I once read that loving someone means the first moment they reveal to you who they are, you love whatever that’s a in that person. Trying to change them means we only love the reflection we see of ourselves in them.

Release the stereotypes you currently see and I promise you’ll be begin to see beauty and love surrounds you.


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