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Love Sets Us Free.

January 5, 2014

Every person is brought to us as a miracle.

Whether if that relationship was conversation at a bar or coffee shop with a stranger you may never see again, or if it is a soul connection with a friend or loved one, it is a gift of the divine to move us closer to love.

You see, in every relationship, if that person wasn’t the one – the best friend, the lover, or the soul mate – it was preparation for what God has for you.

Sometimes, true loves can be separated by people or things or time.

I do believe that what is meant for us, God will always reveal. It is said that when two souls are meant to meet, nothing can prevent that interaction.

Our greater purpose is to love one in another in such a way that it sets us free.

Only true love, that which has no expectations and offers only acceptance, breaks down our pain and opens the light in our hearts so it can be exposed on others to give the same freedom it gave us.

This is so we can be better equipped to be used in the world.

It’s not about our own comforts, it’s about embracing what God throws at us so we can comfort others and help them reach their own potential as well.

Only by truly loving someone as they are, not as we want them to be, and by loving what they want for themselves, no matter how difficult that is for us, is the only way we can set them free.

That freedom could take years, a week, or decades.

I was once told our task isn’t always in being at someone’s side. Sometimes are greatest task is preparing and loving someone through prayer as we walk away to set them free.

It is the only way they can come to know the closest version of unconditional love a human can give.

I pray, with all I am, my words, my breath, my thoughts, and my fingers leave nothing less as my signature on this world.


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