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January 15, 2014

Acceptance is the key to being truly free.

I wish we could have coffee and I could tell you how beautiful and loved you are.

Right here.

Right now.

No conditions.

No contract.

As is.

Just as you are.

Messy. Flawed. Lost. Wandering. Confused. Seeking. Craving.

My worry isn’t that you question things or that you long for so much more. The worry is when we no longer find ourselves looking for the things we desire and then accept mediocrity.

I would tell you to chase and run and seek and search for all of your days. Never stop. Not even when you think you found it; Because this world is limitless and infinity lives inside you.

This life was meant to be lived on fire and if you aren’t doing that, you are missing out on the marvelous gift that life is.

Screw it up.

In fact fuck things up. Sometimes that’s the only way we find out what we want.

Stumble over your words so you can learn what you want to say and that it will mean something.

Trip over your thoughts so you won’t be confused about what the world tells you and you’ll know with conviction what you want.

Say the wrong thing so when you get it right your heart can smile and know peace.

Just live your life on fire and I promise, no matter how ugly it seems, it is going to be accepted and absolutely beautiful for those who matter.


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