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January 22, 2014

The greatest of loves I’ve ever known has come from the most unpredictable people and places.

Shakespeare said that expectation is killer of all relationships.

I’ve known this to be true because I have suffocated loves because I couldn’t see how that person was loving me and instead assumed how they should love me best.
I believe we do the same thing with beauty.

I read this quote from Holley Gerth this AM, “We live in a world that tries to define beauty. But I don’t believe beauty is meant to be defined. Instead it’s meant to be found.”

I think that love and beauty are two in the same; it’s never meant to be defined but instead found.

It is the thing we see in ourselves and in the way our eyes see the world.

The reality is…..

I love others the way I love myself.
I see beauty the way I think I’m beautiful.
I believe in miracles the way I realize I myself am a miracle.

We are each individually pieced together miracles of divine love and beauty. Hand crafted by the Only One that can begin to help us understand love and to see the romance of the beauty that surrounds us.

It leaves me awe struck knowing that every set of eyes, every heart, and every soul will always see the “same things” differently.

How I see the sunset will never be how you see the sunset.

How I see you, you more than likely cannot see.

When they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder it is true, because only you can decide to see beauty where others might never even imagine it.

We need your eyes.
We need your heart.
Because if we can begin to receive that gift from each other, our vision can change as a whole.

We can begin to see love, beauty, and most importantly, each other the way God intended – Perfectly designed drops of His love and beauty.

Perhaps then we would stop seeing people as stereotypes to meet our expectations and start seeing authentic souls for the beautiful miracles they are.


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