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February 11, 2014

I have a tendency to get lost.

Lost in thought.
Lost in what I’m doing.
Lost in eyes.
Lost in watching the way someone can change a room.
Lost in time.
Lost in laughter.
Lost in touch.
Lost in words.

I have a tendency to be found.

Found at the end of where my mind wanders.
Found in the eyes of a beautiful soul that searches me.
Found in a room full of people whom love.
Found when I realize time is just a thing and I can become timeless by how I touch and impact the lives that cross my path.
Found in an inside joke that reminds me I’m loved just as I am – flawed and imperfect – because my imperfections are perfect because they were picked just for me.
Found in fingers intertwined and arms wrapped around and legs tangled.
Found in the words that beat off the tongues of people I run into, friends or strangers, as messages from the Divine.

We all can get lost, but what’s beautiful to me is there is always Someone or something waiting to find all you have to offer.

Just as you are.


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