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Power And Strength.

I use to believe I carry my strength.

I use to believe that my greatest victory is standing every time I fall.

Now I see, true strength is letting God do what I can’t.

By submitting to what is, I have real power and victory over the situation.

Pema Chodron said that relationships and circumstances repeat themselves because we refuse to learn the lesson.

I have found victory comes when I stop analyzing through my eyes, stop trying to overcome in my own strength, and instead ask for God to reveal what I need to learn.

This is where we begin to move forward and tap into the destiny God has for us in every moment, every person, and every situation.


Comfort is a Disease

We’ve been taught that comfort means safety, but the contrary is true. Only in the dark spaces of comfort will we die. It is in the light of the unknown that we come alive.

Comfort is temporary relief from our fears.
Faith and love is the permanent deliverance from our fears.

We Are All gifts

Love is meant to be held loosely, like sand.

If you grip it too tight, it slips through your fingers, but if held loosely it stays where it is.

I can only love you right when I let you be your authentic self with love and acceptance so you can feel liberated and free.

If I give you expectations, I put a pressure on you to be something you aren’t prepared to be. More importantly, someone God might not have ever intended you to be.

We are all gifts. Meant to add to each other’s lives. Not to add comfort or closure, but to help us move and grow towards our divine destiny.

When I start recognizing all you are is a gift, not something to cling to or something to change, I open you up to wander and wonder to find and learn about your own Spirit and truth.

Our society put an everlasting price tag on a love that can’t hold that type of expectation.

Only Gods love can offer that.

And only when we let His love do what it’s suppose to do, can we actually appreciate our relationships and stop putting expectations on other people.

When He fills us, we don’t cling to everyone else to complete us, we are complete ourselves.

Then we can truly begin to love people right where they are, allowing them to compliment and add to our lives. Instead of trying to force them to complete the empty portions of ourselves, but subtracting from who they are.

Perhaps when we start to look at each other as gift to love and appreciate instead of something to fill our voids, we can come together they way God envisioned it; A community with a foundation of love and offering true acceptance.

Perfect Love.

Religion taught me actions and behaviors decide if I’m a good person and if I could be saved.

A relationship with God taught me my behaviors mean nothing unless they are driven by Him. Unless I believe His promises, I am no better off than a non-believer.

I once heard worry, anxiety, fear, doubt, and stress don’t reflect our circumstances but reflect our love, belief, and trust in God.

That punched me in the heart.

Every time I doubt what He has told me, I am basically telling Him I don’t believe He is who He says He is. That means, by definition, I’m an atheist.

Our greatest issue isn’t in drinking, sex, who we love, whether we tithe, or swearing like a sailor – all the things religious heads will point out first.

Our greatest problem is we stopped loving and started hating.

We stopped accepting and we started judging.

We stopped letting Him define love and we defined it by the comforts of our own lives.

We stopped trusting Him and started taking matters in our own hands.

We can cover up a lot of things with deeds. Don’t get me wrong, actions prove our faith. However, I’ve learned He looks at our hearts not at what we give.

If you don’t love the homeless man you gave change to, you acted from guilt, not from love.

Faith drives love and love drives our faith.

Our actions stem from what our minds and hearts believe.

If you believe you must give and “love” in order to be good and be saved, you will always carry a burden of guilt towards your fellow man.

If you believe He loves you and it’s the only reason you’re saved, you’ll begin to love your fellow man so they could experience the same trust and freedom you have.

“Perfect love casts out all of our fears.”

Miracles Unravel.

In all things…..

It’s always a miracle and opportunity from His loving hand.

When we can see it is all given with love, sometimes tough love, we can see everything is a gift.

The package might not be pretty.

However, like any package, it’s never the wrapping or even what’s inside, it’s the love behind it.

If We Were Blind.

I wonder, if I were blind, what would the sunset look like?

The warmth that drenches my soul with the colors alone, would I feel that on my skin?

I wonder, when I touched someone’s face, would my finger tips tell me they’re beautiful.

I wish we were all blind.

Perhaps then we would feel each other’s faces instead judging each other based off of unrealistic expectations of celebrities or by popularity.

Would we then finally stop talking too much and start listening to each other’s hearts?

The idea melts my heart.

Tracing lines so intimate of the face and the soul, could we actually feel Gods heart while He orchestrated each of us to His idea of perfection.


We Are Not Lost

The reason being lost is so liberating is because you finally allow for your spirit to be exposed and free.

We weren’t meant to be prisoners to our culture.
We weren’t meant to be defined by a standard.

Each individual is a manifestation of love that was thought of and conceived by the Creator of all things.

The same love and power that created sycamores, dreamt of tulips, and fashioned sunsets is the exact same Divine power that thought of every ounce of your being and couldn’t wait to reveal your beauty to the world even before your conception.

His divine fingertips orchestrated your every ounce to be perfectly flawed and beautiful.

Being lost reminds us the loving intention God had all along; to allow for Him to be the only one to proclaim and define who we are.

You’re beautiful not because the world says.
You’re beautiful because the greatest love of all gave precision in your creation.

So before you judge someone else’s Spirit, remember Who gave them that Spirit.
The exact same love and provision He had for you, He has for all of His children.